The War on Peace

  “Due to lack of time, space and resources, media concentrates on who threw the stone and does not seek out to explain the circumstances under which the stone was thrown” Pernilla Ahlsen Today’s modern coverage of conflict is characterised by the notion of ‘war journalism’ where the depiction of global crises thrives off sensationalism and … More The War on Peace


April 25th, 2015. The world woke up to remnants of Nepalese villages emerging from the rubble, displaced people in desperate need of aid, images, videos and news stories with a casualty number slowly clocking into the thousands. We immediately sprung into action. July 28th, 1976. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit the town of Tangshan in China. … More #help

From Wars to Whispers- The Changing Face of Racism

“But that’s the thing about racism: it goes way beyond bad intentions. The most insidious racism is just so ingrained it’s involuntary…It’s easy to point at the barking racists on the bus precisely because they aren’t us…It allows us to escape self-examination of the racism we all probably harbour to some extent or other.” – … More From Wars to Whispers- The Changing Face of Racism