Changing the World One Research Project at a Time

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has’

– Margaret Mead


Welcome to Part 2 of how to change the world, one research project at a time.

Let’s throw back to a few weeks ago when we weren’t drowning in assignments and daring to stare deadlines straight in the eye. As a little refresher, my research project intends to explore the idea of environmental attitudes and behaviours within millennials. I want to find out whether our attitudes towards the environment have a direct effect on our behaviours. Do we care about the world that we live in? And if so, do we recycle? Use carbon neutral cosmetics? Ride our bikes to work?

I intend to find all this out firstly through a survey which can be found here. If you have time, motivation and an opinion or two, feel free to fill out the survey and have your input in my research. After the results are in and have been analysed, I will then conduct a focus group and an interview to get a little bit more insight as to why or why not our environmental attitudes influence our behaviours.

This research may not change the world, but I hope it will at least start a conversation about our role as global citizens to take responsibility for this place we call Earth. Hopefully, the results from my research will make people more aware of their actions and therefore benefit not only us, but also the environment in which we live as well as providing some insight into where policy-makers need to direct their focus. We might be surprised- perhaps we are not as environmentally savvy as we thought we were, or maybe we are on the right track to becoming a more sustainable society. Who knows, but keep an eye on this space to find out…


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