Drumroll please…

I asked, you responded, and the results are out…

Here’s a quick summary of the results from the survey which had 83 participants all up. Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey, and keep an eye on this space for more results and analysis coming very soon!

The results of the survey reflect a moderate positive correlation between university students’ environmental attitudes and behaviours with an average of 73.4% selecting ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’ in relation to the seven statements regarding environmental attitudes and an average of 55.75% of participants reflecting that they engaged in pro-environmental behaviours.



It is my responsibility to take care of the environment for future generations

–       Strongly Agree: 49.4%

–       Agree: 42.4%

–       Undecided: 8.4%

Pro-environmental attitude established 

I regularly use disposable plastic drink bottles

–       True: 37.3%

–       False: 57.8%

–       Don’t Know: 7.2%

Pro-environmental behaviour established 

Sorting out my rubbish into recyclables, waste and green waste is an important job

–       Strongly Agree- 38.6%

–       Agree- 55.4%

–       Undecided- 6%

Pro-environmental attitude established

I separate my rubbish into recyclables and non-recyclables

–       True: 92.8%

–       False: 4.8%

–       Don’t Know: 2.4%

Pro-environmental behaviour established


There is little difference in the emissions produced between taking public transport and driving my own car

–       Strongly Agree- 1.2%

–       Agree- 5%

–       Undecided- 33.7%

–       Disagree- 42.2%

–       Strongly Disagree- 16.9%

Pro-environmental attitude established

I try to walk, use public transport or carpool rather than driving on my own when I can

–       True: 61.4%

–       False: 31.3%

–       Don’t Know: 7.2%

Pro-environmental behaviour established



Reducing my water consumption significantly benefits the environment

–       Strongly Agree: 24.1%

–       Agree: 32.5%

–       Undecided: 28.9%

–       Disagree: 14.5%

Pro-environmental attitude established 

I try to keep my showers less than 10 minutes’ long

–       True: 54.2%

–       False: 34.9%

–       Don’t Know: 10.8%

Pro-environmental behaviour established


Choosing which cosmetics or toiletries I use based on their environmental sustainability is a hassle

–       Strongly Agree- 6%

–       Agree- 36.1%

–       Undecided- 30.1%

–       Disagree- 24.1%

–       Strongly Disagree- 3%

Non-environmental attitude established 

I check that my cosmetics or toiletries are environmentally friendly and do not have any harmful products in them

–       True: 22.9%

–       False: 71.1%

–       Don’t Know: 6%

Non-environmental behaviour established 



 Making small changes to my behaviours can have a big impact on the environment

–       Strongly Agree: 26.5%

–       Agree: 54.2%

–       Undecided: 9.6%

–       Disagree: 8.4%

–       Strongly Disagree: 1.2%

Pro-environmental attitude established


I use fabric rather than plastic bags when doing my grocery shopping

–       True: 44.6%

–       False: 51.8%

–       Don’t Know- 3.6%

Non-environmental behaviour established

Investing money into sustainable energies should be a priority of the Australian Government

–       Strongly Agree- 50.6%

–       Agree- 38.6%

–       Undecided- 9.6%

–       Disagree- 1.2%

Pro-environmental attitude established


I ensure that I turn electrical equipment off at the power point when I’m not using it

–       True: 56.6%

–       False: 36.1%

–       Don’t Know- 7.2%

Pro-environmental behaviour established

Photo credit: Stanford University



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